October 10th at 8:00am through October 17th at 12:00pm


2040 Briggs Road
Mount Laurel, NJ 08054


October 15th from 9am to 4pm 

October 16th from 9am to 4pm


October 21st from 9am-5pm
October 22nd from 9am-5pm



Diagnostic Machines & Equipment

Beckman Coulter Chemistry Analyzer AU 680, SN: 2012071593

Beckman Coulter Chemistry Analyzer AU 680, SN: 2012071604

Thermo Scientifics Phadia 250 Immunoassay Analyzer, SN: N10181

Roche Diagnostics Cobas e 602 Analyzer Module, SN: 17W0-02

Roche Diagnostics Cobas 8000 Analyzer Core, SN: 17F6-10 & Accessories

Roche Diagnostics Cobas e 601 Analyzer Module, SN: 26B6-30

Roche Diagnostics Cobas e 601 Analyzer Module, SN: 26A4-27

Roche Diagnostics Cobas 6000 Analyzer Core, SN: 14G5-06 & Accessories

Siemens Hematek 3000 System, SN: 182653

Abbott i-Stat 1 Handheld Blood Analyzer, SN: 399401

Abbott i-Stat 1 Handheld Blood Analyzer, SN: 401689

Thermo Scientific Sorvall ST 16 Centrifuge, SN: 42132172

Medica Pro 30R Water Purification System, SN: MP00002341

Medica Pro 30R Water Purification System, SN: MP00002377

Thermo Scientific 1300 Series A2 Safety Cabinet, SN: Unknown

Boekel Scientific CCC 5.0a Incubator, SN: Unknown

Horiba ABX Pentra 400 Analyzer System, SN: 306P4-3279 & Accessories

Beckman Coulter Iris iQ200 Select Urinalysis Microscopy Instrument, SN: C9020

Beckman Coulter Iris iChem Velocity Urinalysis Chemistry Instrument, SN: CV04024

Approximately 49 Horizon Centrifuges

Approximately 3 Electric Microscopes

Approximately 8 Variable Speed Orbiters

Misc. Mixing, Rotators & Diagnostic Instruments in Medical Equipment Supply Room




Specimen Transfer Coolers

Specimen Drop Boxes

Biohazard Boxes

Contents of Supply Room to include but not limited to new sharps containers, new collection kits, tapes and adhesives, parasitology concentrate systems, blood collection tubes, new specimen cups, new blood collection needles

Refrigerated Coagulants

Diagnostic Solutions

Cleaning Solutions


Computers, Printers & Related Equipment

Approximately 30 Dell/HPLaptops Computers

Approximately 50 Dell/HP Desktop Computers

Approximately 70 Brother Printers

Assorted Loose Keyboards and Mice

Ricoh MP C8003 Biz Hub

Apple iMac Computer

Network Switches

Network Racks


Office Furniture & Equipment

Approximately 6 Straight Desk

Approximately 1 L-Shaped Desk

Approximately 4 U-Shaped Desk

(5) Office Cubes

Approximately 2 Wooden Tables

Approximately 8 Plastic Tables

1 – Exam Table

Approximately 34 Rolling Swivel Arm Chairs

Approximately 30 Straight Back Arm Chairs

Approximately 7 Book Shelves

Approximately 18 2-Drawer Filing Cabinets

Approximately 6 3-Drawer Filing Cabinets

Approximately 6 4-Drawer Filing Cabinets

Fabric Couch

Approximately 30 Trash Cans

4 Refrigerators

Approximately 50 Phlebotomy Chairs

1 Medical Recliner

Misc. Carts and Rolling Bins

Crown Pallet Jack

Rigid Shop Vac

Cleaning Supplies, Mops and Vacuums

Tool Box and Maintenance Tools


Vehicles & Trailers

2006 Ford Ranger FX4 Extended Cab, VIN: 1FTZR45E26PA21120

2016 Atlas Single Axle Enclosed Trailer, VIN: 5HCKU121XGE035632

MTU / Detroit Diesel DS 175 Trail Type Generator, 333 Hrs. Showing, SN: Unknown


Will Lilly

    Selling for Cole Hayes, United States Bankruptcy Trustee, for Mercy Diagnostics, Inc., Case # 19-30898; United States Bankruptcy Court, Western District of North Carolina, Charlotte Division.

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