61.5+/- Acres in Montgomery County

Invitation to Bid on Standing Timber

Tuesday, February 12, 2019 at 11:00 A.M.


Located in

Montgomery County, N.C.

+ / - 61.5 Total Acres

Estimated Saw Timber

Scribner 78 Chip-n-saw 469.3 MBF 3285 tons

Scribner 78 Pine +/- 592.3 MBF

Doyle 78 Yellow Poplar +/- 14 MBF 

Doyle 78 Red Maple +/- 4.6 MBF 

Doyle 78 Sweet Gum +/- 15.2 MBF  

Doyle 78 Mixed Hdwd +/- 3.3



Estimated Pulpwood

Pine +/- 1202 Tons 

Hardwood +/- 101.9 Tons

Pallet wood +/- 8.7 Tons



This timber sale area is comprised of +/- 61.5 timbered acres of 1989 planted loblolly pines and mature mixed upland hardwoods.  Mountain Creek forms the eastern boundary of the timber sale, the north boundary is formed by painted blue line, and Cemetery Road (NCSR 1355) forms the western boundary of the sale area. The sale area has good access with frontage on Cemetery Road.   Tract has a good logging chance with areas of sandy clay gravelly soil on rolling terrain.  Stream Management Zones (SMZ) are indentified with blue paint.


The property described in Deed Book 481 Page 327  and further identified as the a portion of the  “Ingram” tract  also shown on Map Book b Page 25 of the Montgomery County Register of Deeds.   The property is further identified as a portion Montgomery Co tax parcel # Parcel No: 7562 00 77 4280. The site is located 3.6 miles west of the Town of Norman area.    (See location map). 


Method of Sale

Sealed bids will be accepted for the standing timber.   Please indentify your bid as the Seaboard Timberland Investments, LLC - Ingram tract.   All merchantable timber as shown on the attached timber sales map is offered for sale under the terms and conditions listed below except areas designated as stream management zones (see specific terms below).  The sealed bid sale will be conducted on Tuesday, February 12, 2019 at 11:00 A.M. at the office of Iron Horse Auction Co., 174 Airport Rd, Rockingham, NC 28379. Fax bids and phone bids will be accepted until 10:30 a.m. the morning of the bid opening to phone (910) 997-2248, fax (910) 895-1530

Please refer to www.ironhorseauction.com for aerial photos and other information regarding this sale. Stand tables will be made available upon request. Neither the Seller nor the agent guarantees the inventoried volume data as it is provided for general information to better describe the sale.


Conditions of Timber Sale   

  1. The timber sale area is identified on the attached Timber Sales Map by diagonal hatching and estimated at +/- 65 acres.  Merchantable timber within the timber sale area is for sale except areas identified as stream management zones (S.M.Z’s).  The exterior boundaries are marked with blue paint.
  2. The S.M.Z’s are identified on the sales map with diagonal cross hatching and indentified on the ground with blue painted trees.   Only hardwood that will leave a stump 17 inches or greater and Pine that will leave a 12 inch stump or greater are offered for sale. These zones are minimum standards set by the Seller and do not guarantee Best Management Practice Compliance.  Buyer is responsible for abiding by all Best Management Practices and Soil and Erosion laws as they pertain to removing the timber from this property. 
  3. The successful Bidder shall receive a twenty-four (24) month period from the execution of the timber deed to remove the forest products offered under the terms of this sale.
  4. All decking, skidding, and loading shall be done within the designated timber sale areas.  No decking, skidding or loading will be permitted in areas not designated in the timber sale area.
  5. Any new roads that are constructed within the designated sale areas must be in compliance with Best Management Practice guidelines. Approved access routes to the timber sale areas are shown on the attached Timber Sales Map. Alternative access routes must be approved by the agent. Upon completion of logging, the Buyer will leave the access trails in a level condition without any ruts.
  6. No logging debris is to be left outside designated sale areas.  Logging debris at decking areas is to be scattered throughout the sale areas as not to leave any piles more than 36 inches in height from ground level. All ditches are to be left in equal or better condition than prior to any logging activity.
  7. No marked line trees shall be cut, nor are they included in the timber sale. For the purpose of this sale, a boundary tree is valued at $200.00 per tree. The Buyer shall be responsible for damage to corner markers and boundary trees. If corners are destroy they will be reset by a licensed surveyor at buyer’s cost.
  8. The Buyer of the timber will not be permitted to conduct direct firewood sales to the general public from the tract.  Firewood removed from the site and sold elsewhere will be permitted.
  9. The Buyer of the timber shall indemnify and hold harmless the Seller from any and all liability and any and all loss, including attorney fees and other reasonable expenses incurred arising from the operations, activities, or omissions of the Buyer’s employees, contractors, subcontractors, and invitees, and whether such liability or losses be to an assignee or licensee(s) of the Buyer, or to any others for property damage, personal injury, death or otherwise.  The Buyer must agree to maintain Worker’s Compensation Insurance on his agents and employees.
  10. The Buyer shall be solely and specifically responsible for abiding by all performance standards of the Best Management Practices and laws such as N.C.G.S. 77-13 and 77-14 relating to timber harvesting, water quality, and stream sedimentation as they affect this property and further, that the Buyer shall be solely responsible for any violations of such regulations.
  11. The Buyer of the timber will be responsible for keeping his trash off the tract during logging operations, which includes maintaining a trash barrel on site. No oil or other hazardous fluids from logging equipment or vehicles will be permitted to be drained or permitted to leak on the tract.   The Buyer is to use reasonable care in preventing wild fire due to his actions.
  12. In the event of wet weather, the Sellers’ agent or agent’s assign has the right to halt harvesting activities that result in excessive rutting before sub-soiling and site degradation occurs.  The cutting period will be extended for an equal period that the agent halted harvesting operations.
  13. The Buyer is to notify the Seller’s agent or agent’s assign at least 24-hours prior to beginning logging and 24-hours prior to expected harvest completion.
  14. The successful Bidder may be required to put up a performance deposit of $5,000.00 dollars at the agent’s discretion.  The amount of this deposit is not intended to limit what the agent may determine to be the maximum damage, which may have resulted from the Buyer’s activities.




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